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Really need help with makeup!?

I want a complete makeup makeover :]

As i've seen girls who've gone from Ok looking to STUNNING jsut by changing their makeup and hair colour. Right now I've blonde hair and daily i wear Foundation black mascara and black eyeliner, but i want a change! any advice or sites?Really need help with makeup!?
If all you use is foundation, mascara and eyeliner, that would be more natural-ish I guess. Try changing up your mascara to something that REALLY extends (I LOVE Diorshow w/ MAC prep + prime underneath) then instead of using black eyeliner, use a shimmery eyeshadow after the mascara (It will make your eyes glitter) Colors depend on your eyes. I think siliver goes well with any eyecolor (Use Lanc么me eyeshadow because most have that glittery tint)

I think the best thing you can do for advice though, is find a makeup-generator site so you can try out your own looks. I remember using the maybelline site long time ago and that helped a lot. try it!

OH! And facial masks help make your skin look REALLY flawless so you wouldn't NEED foundation. Look into can get pre-made masks or you can make your own. The one I use is homemade (lemon juice to clear up face, milk + brown sugar to excoliate OR, 1 wedge apple crushed %26amp; mixed with honey%26lt;---this one you leave on your face for like 10 min) Both masks work ABSOLUTELY perfectly with acne but it can be used just to cleanse and create natural beauty.Really need help with makeup!?
Go for some light shimmers on your eyes (color depending on your eye color)

Wear your hair differently, maybe pin it back from your face to make your facial features stand out!

Wear some uber-shiny lipgloss, or some light shimmery blush to make your cheekbones stand out.
This makeover is made to a girl by one of the best in the makeup industry - Fatima Olive. She works for Ford Models. It's a video.

Maddie's Makeover by Fatima Olive -

This shows you links to a lot of Fatima Olive ( Makeup Artist ) videos you can watch in鈥?/a>
definatly start wearing cream blushes, or bronzers. they make you look a lot better.
I'd advise you to stop wearing foundation, as i can block your pores and makes your skin loose it's natural beauty. Try losing the heavy eyeshadow too, let your natural beauty shine out. A little mascara, olive, brown, beige, rose pink or pale lilac eyeshadow (depending on your skin tone) and some clear lipgloss is a good way to show how gorgeous you naturally are.

It is also a complete change to the heavy make-up you wear now. Fresh looking skin is always best, so go as natural as possible and let your beauty shine

What kind of makeup,skin,beauty tips are the best ? please help (:?

best beauty tips.

coverups, eyeliners,hairsyles,skin care.

all that good stuff (:

thanks !What kind of makeup,skin,beauty tips are the best ? please help (:?
one good tip for foundation, whatever form it is in, apply it with a good quality brush, if it liquid, apply with brush, if its mousse apply it with brush, if its powder, apply it with a brush, and also NEVER over-due the eye make-up, oh and everytime when moisturizing always apply it in an upward motion, oh and never pump mascara because it just makes it dry out faster...=)

hope i helped!What kind of makeup,skin,beauty tips are the best ? please help (:?
most of the time, it has to do with your skin type.

- eyeliners, go to sephora and try out some that glide on pretty easily.... it is worth that $7/ $10 that you would spend.; or just go to longs/walgreens and pick up one that says ';easy glide';

-hairstyes: a high pony tail. curls. straighten it

-coverup: sorry, cant help you here, i dont wear any ;]

-skin care: neutrogena facial wash. it comes in a bar ,and you can find it just about anywhere from longs to target... and it costs about $3; make sure you get the scented one. :)

I need help with makeup?

I just got a new makeup kit for Christmas and i don't really know where to start or what would look good with my face features....I have light sensitive skin, green eyes, lots of freckles, light eyebrows, medium sized light pink lips, rosy cheeks...any ideas? thanks :)I need help with makeup?
the WORST thing is a makeup kit.

makeup is not a ';one size fits all';

first you have to figure, about half the junk in there you are going to never use.

green eyes= purples look the best to make your eyes pop.

light skin= light blush. your going to have to figure out what your undertone is to know whats the best for your skin, if you already have a lot of pink in your face, you dont want to add more pink.

lips= find the color that MOST MATCHES your natural lip color.

i have green/hazel eyes, naturally pale skin with light freckles, and brown hair.

i have cool undertones.

whenever i wear purple on my eyes, they pop. i use pinkish blush, and i use brown bronzer mixed together and that looks good. on my lips anything purple toned, meaning light lavender looks good, or pinkish colors look good.I need help with makeup?
A lot depends on your age. If you received the kit, I would just take a stay at home night and experiment with it. Have fun! Chances are pretty good that you will not be able to use half of the stuff there as the colors won't be in your palette.

People usually fall into a cool, neutral, or warm color palette. Green eyes and freckles make me think that you might be a warm, but it's impossible to tell.

Does peachy lipstick clash on your lips? If yellow and orange look awful on you, you're a cool.

Does lavendar lipgloss make you look dead? If purple and blue look bad, you're a warm

If you can wear a few from each range, you're neutral. Not that many people actually fall into that range.

So try your eyeshadows out and if you can, see what they look like under daylight conditions. It's fun. Have Mom or a girlfriend hang with you to try it out.


I want to wear makeup, im fourteen, and i have fair skin, sensitive and so discolored, i have dark eyelids and extreeme dark circles. my concealer never stays on. and i want my face to have a pretty glow but i dont want to wear foundation.. any good like drugstore brand blushes/ideas for what i should wear?????I NEED HELP WITH MAKEUP ASAP.?
this is wat u should wear...first mosterize then put i cream roller on i sugest garnier i roller.then concealer.fondation.then pwder foundation. then bronzer(bronzer takes the effext of dark circles away. then eyeliner an mascara it brings out ur eyes an distracts eye bagsI NEED HELP WITH MAKEUP ASAP.?
thank u so much for picking me!! Report Abuse

Make sure your washing your face every night, and afterward applying toner and a good moisturizing cream. I suggest Marcelle's line of facial cleanser's and creams. They're a good price and are great for any skin type.

Also, cream blushes and concealer's tend to stay on longer, and give your skin that healthy glow. Any drugstore would carry a ';mousse'; concealer and blush, I suggest Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse and if you looked around im sure there are types that give your skin a radiant glow. Ask a sales person for more help.

Try not to wear too much blush and concealer, and put on moisturizer before you put on make-up. Make sure your skin's as healthy as possible, and get enough sleep.
Investment concealor if you want it to work Im afraid :(

If it;s under 拢10, it's unlikely to work well. Try No7 at boots, theyre good but wont break the bank.

Foundation is a must. If you dont want to look orange, just apply a SMALL amount and blend it to death. Make sure you pick one which works for your skin tone, test it on your face first (your hands and face arent the same colour, I speak from experience)

If you're worried about spots, just get a good cleanser and be sure to use it every night.

Good luck =]
Well, you should try mineral foundation. Also cleanse your face and make sure it's not too oily or dry. Also try a bronzer or shimmery foundation that will make your skin glow more. If your concealer doesn't stay on then, only use the foundation under your eyes, or try to use another brand. You just have to try a lot of different techniques and makeups that work for you, you'll get the hang of it.Since your 14 and just starting to wear makeup you should check out these websites , they have the best stuff for cheap

I hope i helped...
go to the mall, and get like that complimentary stuff

that they have there, and see what they use on you,

and buy it,
Ok. Go to a store and buy a seventeen magazine and a GL magazine. They have plenty of tips that will help you out.

dark circles will never go with make up or without coz u have to sleep enough. so now try to but eye dark circles from clean and clear it will help u alot .
Have fun.
well youtube some looks u like its all about looking around

I need a pretty makeup look for a concert! Help?

i am going on a trip and to a concert and i need a pretty natural glowing look for the day and a little more dramatic look for the nightime concert. i need products from the drugstore that are pretty cheap. im thinking like a really pretty coral orange for lips. i am 13 years old and i wear glasses.

please help me.

Thanks.I need a pretty makeup look for a concert! Help?
Well if you want to go with a bold lip, you should stick with a simple eye look. Milani and Prestige have some nice colors. A light gold on the lid with a copper contour would look very nice. Don't forget liner and mascara!

A lot of cosmetics websites have looks that you can recreate, so that may be an option, too. Have fun :)I need a pretty makeup look for a concert! Help?
Im turning 13 and I did these tutorials... Here is my youtube website and you have to watch either the 1 or 3 one for dramatic and the 2 one for the natural... I hope this helped!

email me at for the products but if you need it quick they are mostly from claires and then the vaselines from whereever
Try maybelline dream matte mousse eyeshadow, in shimmery tan color. use physician's formula blush and soft neutral/pink lip gloss. For nighttime, vamp it up a bit! Add in some chocolate brown eyeliner, badgal lash mascara, and a corally pink lipgloss

*all of these except for the badgal mascara can be found at drugstores- you can substitute define-a-lash for it, which can be found at a drugstore, otherwise, got to sephora*
coral orange... with like matching eye liner

I need help with makeup brands!?

Ok well I need a makeup brand to buy and it cant be really really expensive and it needs to last a lot longer(makeup for my face) So does anyone know good brands and where to get it? Also I need it to be long lasting cause the one ive been using wears off within 2 hours. I can basically get to any store so if you know any good brands and where to get them it would be greatly appreciated. Also kinds of brushes to use when applying powder to my face. Thanks!

xoxoI need help with makeup brands!?
Bare Minerals!!!

Its the best, I love it and it lasts all day. You can get it online or at sephora. :]

The starter kit come with brushes.

Its somewhat costly, but totally worth it!I need help with makeup brands!?
Go with revlon colorstay for an un expensive brand. Use a brush to apply it I use a buffer brush like this one...the middle one鈥?/a> Use a face primer underneith it. For powder any good brush will do . I like the kabuki like this one鈥?/a>
Mac is a great Brand, You can buy it at Macys Or even online.. Each eye Shadow ranges around 15 dollars each, Lipstick around 18..face powder 22. Ranges of colors are great and new all the time. Young and fresh!! A cheaper brand that you can get at any drugstore..( CVS Rite Aid) Is Milani... eye shadows around 5 or 6 dollars each...THE BEST mascara I ever used was covergirl waterproof..
Foundation? I use concealer, Revlon TruBlend then Loreal mineral powder foundation. It gives you the flawless look, and lasts. And if you have oily skin, get oil blotting paper, it cleans the oil off without ruining your makeup.
the thing is, not every product by one brand is the best.

as for foundations, MAC stays on all day, but it's so heavyy!! it looks like u r wearing tones of foundation, specially if u get the matte ones!

Dior has the besttt mascara ever.

best eyeshadows by lancome, or MAC
Max Factor is a great and inexpensive brand, they're foundations lasts long and the concealer is nice too. You can get it at Walmart or Kmart.

Revlon, L'Oreal, Mary Kay and Avon have great powders.
I'm like, an EXPERT on make up. lol.

I use...

- Maybeline eyeliner. (black) or dark blue. i usually wear black tho.

-cover girl foundation//blush

-covergirl eye shadow.

-maybeline mascara.

-SOFTLIPS chapstick (with color) light pink.
I really like covergirl. It stays on for a long time and looks really good. I think the brushes i use are called eco-friendly er something like that. They are really soft and do the job! :D
Covergirl has a lot of really cheap products :) they have a gr8 variety of lipgloss.
Physician's Formula
Mac and anything from Sephora, but mac has the best brushes.
Mac, or Victoria secret. Bestt- NO doubt.
cover girl
  • thinning hair
  • I need help with makeup ?

    hey !

    make up wise my foundation colour is honey but i was just wondering what colour conceler shoud i use ? light or medium ?

    also what colour all day blusher would go well with my honey skin ? i have brounette hair with blonde bits in them and brown/green eye colour

    thank youI need help with makeup ?

    if your foundation colour is a honey shade i would try the lighter conceler because the trouble with conceler is it can make your face have little blotches so i think its easier to put it on so it covers up but still it isnt that visable

    and if you were going to have an all day blusher i would say a

    nice peachy/pinky colour

    here the link to a nice one i use鈥?/a>I need help with makeup ?
    If i were you i would go for the lighter conceler unless its loads lighter then your skin. If you go for the darker one you will make all the attention go to the area you least want it. If i were you i wouldnt use blusher i would go for a bronzer insted as I think it would look more natural. :) x
    Your face is not one whole colour for for under eyes use a lighter concealer - for areas of your skin which are darker use a medium concealer!

    Brusher wise honey goes quite well with lots of tones - but a medium-pale pink would look really pretty on you!!

    For more tips etc

    Please please please check out my youtube channel and subscribe!! :D
    You can find Fairy Skin Face %26amp; Body Lightening Gel or other light color make-up at Exspecto UK at cheap price, its better for your skin.
    Well you should always have a lighter concealer than your skin (: I think that you can get away with most blush colours.. lucky x
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